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Your home

Homeowner responsibilities
Basement flooding
Checking for leaks
Common leak culprits
Cost of leaks
Pipe maintenance

Your home is connected to a series of underground pipes that connect to a municipal water supply and wastewater collection system.

As a homeowner, you are responsible for the maintenance of pipes that fall on the private side of the property line. The Region of Peel owns and maintains the water meter and the remote reading device on the private side of the property line, and maintains pipes that are located on the public side of the property line.

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Your water bill is based on the amount of water supplied to your home or business. This includes water you use for activities such as showering, flushing toilets, washing dishes and outdoor water use.

Your water bill also includes water you may not be aware is being used.


If you have a household leak, water is continuously being used in your home and may affect your water bill.

Visit the common household leaks section of our website for a list of appliances and fixtures where leaks often occur.


Some homes may have specialized water-using appliances such as humidifiers, water filtration units and water softeners that can use significant amounts of water.

If you install a new water-using appliance, or buy a resale home with specialized water-using appliances, always read the manufacturer's instructions. It is your responsibility to understand how they work and to control the amount of water they use.

It is good practice to read the manufacturer's instructions for all of your water-using appliances, including dishwashers and clothes washers.

Water Filtration Units

If you purchase a resale home that has a Profi-Plus water filtration unit installed, it is your responsibility to understand how it works.

The Region of Peel has issued a letter to homeowners that have the Profi-Plus unit installed, encouraging you to familiarize yourself with the unit. Prior to use, ensure that you read the instruction manual or contact the manufacturer to avoid misuse that may lead to excessive water consumption. Homeowners are responsible for the consequences of any misuse of the unit.

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Revised: Thursday March 27 2014


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