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Watersmart Peel Home

Find Leaks Early to Save Water and Money

Checking for leaks is an important part of maintaining your home. Much like changing your furnace filter or checking your fire alarm, checking for leaks will help keep your plumbing working at its best.

All leaks will waste water and cause higher water bills. Leaks are often silent and can easily go unnoticed, but if you plan a quick check of your fixtures, you can prevent a leak from costing you money.

Handling household leaks can be easy if you follow the check, fix and save guidelines.

Have a Leaking Toilet? See Peel's List of Water Efficient Toilets.

Watch our videos to learn how to:

Call 905-791-7800 ext. 4409 or email us for more details on Peel’s Water Smart Programs.

If a representative has recently educated you on locating leaks and how to prevent leaks in the future, please take a moment to tell us how we did: Customer Feedback Survey.

Revised: Tuesday November 12 2019


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