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Water and Wastewater

Replacing Your Private-side Water Service

Do You Need to Replace Your Water Service?

As part of the Region’s State of Good Repair program, we replace the watermains when they are getting close to the end of their useful life. We encourage homeowners to replace their private-side water service at the same time that the municipal water service is replaced. This is the best way to ensure a constant supply of high-quality drinking water to your tap.

If your home was built before 1960, your water service may contain lead. Learn more about testing for lead.

How long does a water service last?

How long a pipe lasts depends on several factors:

  • What the pipe is made from
  • What type of soil the pipe runs through
  • How the pipe was installed

In most areas of Peel, the properties are about the same age as the watermains. Therefore, if we are replacing the watermains and municipally-owned water services on your street, there is a good chance that your private-side water service may also need to be replaced. Because the private-side pipe was installed by the builder of your property and not by the Region of Peel, we don’t know what it is made from, so we can’t estimate its useful life.

Why doesn’t the Region of Peel replace your water service when we replace the watermain?

The Region of Peel cannot replace your private-side water service because we don’t own it. It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain or replace this pipe.

Where does the private side begin?

Visit this page to see what’s under the ground, what the Region is responsible for, and what the property owner is responsible for.

What’s next?

We recommend that you contact your municipality’s Building Department to see if they have records of your private-side pipes. This information may be able to help you decide whether you need to consider replacing your pipe.

Town of Caledon 905-584-2272 ext. 2233
City of Brampton 905-874-2401 and ask for Document Services
City of Mississauga 311 or 905-615-4311

If you decide to replace your pipe, it’s a good idea to speak to two or three contractors to compare what they recommend. All plumbers in the Province of Ontario must register with the Ontario College of Trades. You can check to make sure your plumber is certified and registered at collegeoftrades.ca

Revised: Wednesday June 04 2014


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