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Housing Providers, Developers, and Community Partners

If you are a housing developer or community organization interested in building new affordable housing in Peel, learn about the Region's grant programs, projects underway, and access to strategy reports.

We provide information for Housing Providers operating in Peel, as well as resources for Developers interested in partnering with us to create affordable housing in the region.

Peel's Affordable Housing Needs

Find out about Peel's affordable housing needs and what we are doing to increase affordable housing.

Housing and Homelessness Support

Other information

We want to work with you to build more affordable housing in Peel.

If you are interested in developing affordable housing, please contact Brett Barnes, Housing Development Office at, or call 905-791-7800, ext. 8486.

We provide grants for not-for-profit agencies to help build the capacity of the sector to better deliver human and social services across the Region.

Learn more about our funds and how to apply.